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    Nesser, Håkan

    Intrigo - The book behind the films


    Now a major Hollywood production, directed by Daniel Alfredson and featuring Ben Kingsley


    Håkan's books have sold over 15 million copies worldwide and ar ... Show Book

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    Olofsson, Elin

    September, 1949. The young German woman Uli Hartmann arrives at the train station at Krokom, northern Sweden. She's wearing a luscious fur coat that she’s stolen from her previous employer Mrs. Cederstam in Malmö, and ... Show Book

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    Platt, Anna

    Five people, five interconnected lives. FALLING, a touching novel in the same vein as Short Cuts, the movie

    An emotionally charged novel of five interlinked stories, all re ... Show Book

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    Pastor Viveka and the Centenery

    Haaland, Annette

    The new feel-good sensation - over 100 000 copies sold in Sweden alone!

    PASTOR VIVEKA AND THE CENTENERY is the second book in the series about Pastor Viveka and her congregation, published November ... Show Book

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    The Oblique Place

    Pascual Söderbaum, Caterina

    THE OBLIQUE PLACE is a complex and multifaceted narrative that in evocative, vibrant prose examines guilt and responsibility.

    This is a family saga spanning several generations, with roots in the dark hi ... Show Book

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