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    The Last Pig

    Engdahl, Horace

    The Last Pig is a book in two parts.

    The first is made up of aphorisms, an anachronistic form that fits this (culturally) conservative author like a glove. Lengthwise they range from one-line tweets to c ... Show Book

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    Pastor Viveka and the Old Ladies

    Haaland, Annette

    Viveka is an ordinary free church pastor, rapidly approaching fifty and starting to get sick of always being there for everyone else. At home, she has four kids and an absent-minded husband, and at work, it’s the fierce ... Show Book

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    Life, Motorcycles and Other Impossible Projects

    Bivald, Katarina

    The summer Anette Grankvist turned 18 she set herself three goals in life: to learn how to drive a motorcycle, to buy a house and to become completely self-reliant.

    Now, nineteen years later, though she’s ... Show Book

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    The Ironskull

    Håkanson, Nils

    Pitched as Fyodor Dostoyevsky meets Batman, THE IRONSKULL is a sweeping adventure set during the fiercest years of the First World War, a literary suspense novel that moves effortlessly from the heights of Swedish ... Show Book

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    To the Girls in the Lake

    Olofsson, Elin

    “A clue," she whispered.

    “Just a clue, or a message, and I’ll never speak ill of this town again. Anything, even his body, and I’ll stop jotting things down, take those notes out of my pocket, throw them on the ... Show Book

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