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    Across the Ice

    Persson, Gunilla Linn

    A story about guilt. And love.
    And about the beautiful, powerful archipelago…

    Winter, 1914. Werner Engström and his girlfriend Kyra Ingman and their friends set out across the ice toward home on Hustrun ... Show Book

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    Polanski, Paula

    Translated by Håkan Nesser.Show Book

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    Child's Play

    Normark, Peter

    As two brothers fall into a downward spiral of exceedingly brutal games, a war against some local boys, the violence threatens to destroy not only their family, but the entire village.Show Book

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    Hunting Trophies

    Palm, Anna-Karin

    In this short story collection, different kinds of love and lust are investigated through ten stories. We meet ten different women, at different stages in their lives, with different experiences of love. But, not everyht ... Show Book

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    The Veterinarian

    Hellbrand, Gertrud

    The Isle of Wight, summer 1965. Bengt, a young Swede, is drawn into a love triangle, a matter of life and death. At a riding camp in Verden, Germany, provincial girl Lucille learns the extent of life’s injustice. One blu ... Show Book

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