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    Holmén, Martin

    Harry Kvist is wrongly accused of murder. The only witness who could get him acquitted, the prostitute Sonja, suddenly disappears and is then found murdered. Harry tries desperately to clear his name of both murders.Show Book

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    Sejdar Island

    Nygren, Maria

    As a feverish August heat wave hits Stockholm, undercover insurance investigator Linn Klint is sent to remote but picturesque Sejdar Island in the Sea of Åland, outside Stockholm. The insurance company has tasked her wit ... Show Book

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    The Twilight Girl

    Wennstam, Katarina

    What's happened to the girl who police detective Charlotta Lugn always runs into in the evenings? She screams through the nights, she harms herself and she seems to have lost her will to live. Who will trust someone w ... Show Book

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    High Pressure

    Ringstedt, Thomas

    A young physician is struggling for his life, trapped in the trunk of a car. A few hours later a man is found with a slit throat close to an idyllic cemetery in Uppsala. Who wants these two men killed? Is there a connect ... Show Book

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    A Darker Sky

    Eliassen, Ruben
    Jungstedt, Mari

    The new series from the million-copy bestselling author
    Mari Jungstedt

    Set on the idyllic Canary Islands in the Atlantic off the African coast, Swedish journalist Sara Moberg and ... Show Book

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    The Die is Cast

    Rogneby, Jenny

    LEONA is a Scandinavian crime series about daring to break norms, difficult life-choices and shameless criminality set in Stockholm’s inner city.


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