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    Give Birth - The Swedish Way

    Abascal, Gudrun
    Svärd Huss, Madeleine

    All women are strong enough to give birth, but what actually happens inside your body during childbirth? What emotions can childbirth awaken? What are labour pains? What does the midwife do? And how can you pre ... Show Book

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    Sticky Chocolate Cakes Deluxe

    Skattberg, Frida

    Do you want to make something really delicious without having to spend hours in the kitchen? Then Sticky Chocolate Cakes Deluxe is the book for you. Frida Skattberg uses the basic recipe for the classic sticky ... Show Book

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    A Child is Born

    Nilsson, Lennart
    Hamberger, Lars
    Abascal, Gudrun
    Forsell, Linda

    When it was first published fifty years ago, Lennart Nilsson’s A Child is Born broke astonishing new ground, offering an unprecedented glimpse of life inside the womb. Packed with breathtaking photograph ... Show Book

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    Two faced

    Sekelius, Thomas

    Makeup is fun. Makeup is an art form. Makeup is for everyone.

    Step into the world of Thomas Sekelius and learn how to experiment with your look with the help of makeup.

    How do you create glow? How ... Show Book

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    Towards the Future

    Henry, Clara

    A spirited and inspirational lifehack for feminism from the author of the bestselling I’m on My Period, So What?

    “Smile!” How many times have you found yourself being asked to smile—or, inde ... Show Book

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    Let's make candy

    Beckman, Pia

    This book is bursting with recipes for delicious candy that you can make yourself using ingredients that you usually have in the fridge or the larder. Many of the recipes only needs bowls, spoons and perhaps a microwa ... Show Book

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