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    52 ways to compassion

    Schenström, Ola

    Compassion - awareness of one’s own as well as other’s suffering, and a desire to reduce it - helps us to see the human in ourselves and others. As compassion also increases our positive emotions and protects ... Show Book

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    The End of Dieting

    Hemmingsson, Erik

    Weight loss is a struggle shared by many, and it can result in a feeling of failure and self-criticism. In The End of Dieting researcher Erik Hemmingsson, failing to lose weight is not your own fault. ... Show Book

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    Kim Wall

    Wall, Ingrid
    Wall, Joachim

    A Voice Silenced

    I wake up in the middle of the night. Two different ideas have taken root in my consciousness during my half-slumber, ideas refusing to be silenced until I’ve acted on them. Th ... Show Book

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    I Am Football

    Ibrahimovic, Zlatan
    Olsson, Mats

    I Am Football is a picture-driven autobiography about Sweden’s greatest football star of all times - Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It follows his football career from the early years at Malmö FF to Manchester United and ... Show Book

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    Ice Baths

    Ahlgren, Linda
    Vagnelind, Linda

    You don’t need to be a nature nerd, a health freak or a fitness fanatic to start taking ice baths. All you need is an ounce of curiosity and the desire to try something different and intoxicating. Experience the kick ... Show Book

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    Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

    Tunberger, Minna
    Benedict, Christian

    The German sleep researcher Christian Benedict and Swedish health science journalist Minna Tunberger have written a popular-scientific book, in which they summarize the most recent and exciting discoveries about why w ... Show Book

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