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    Bird Diary 2018

    Zetterström, Dan
    Ottosson, Mats
    Zetterström, Bill

    From January’s birdlife, which goes on the back burner during the bitter winter cold to the melancholy autumn months when the migrating birds leave us for more southerly latitudes.
    Each season has its particular b ... Show Book

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    Understanding Your Dog

    Söderström, Bo

    Do dogs react more negatively towards people that aren’t nice to their owners? How much of a wolf ’s and a dog’s behaviour is innate? Are there dogs that are right-pawed or left­pawed? How can I train my dog by myself ... Show Book

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    The Murder Book

    Palmkvist, Joakim

    A missing person. A tragic love story. And the woman who solved one of the most bizarre murders in Swedish history. Nearing 7000 copies sold in three months.

    Like a modern-d ... Show Book

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    Wild Food

    Sundgren, Lisen

    Few flowers are as loved and written about as orchids. They can be grand and exotic or delicate and simple, but they have always captured our interest thanks to their beauty and elegance.

    This richly-illustrated ... Show Book

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    Orchids of Europe

    Mossberg, Bo
    Pedersen, Henrik Aerenlund

    Orchids are beautiful, rare and much loved. This richly illustrated, factfilled and appealing presentation of Europe’s wild orchids book is the result of collaboration between two prominent experts: the illustrator Bo ... Show Book

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    Delicious Cakes

    Larsson, Linus

    There is a cake for almost any occasion! Summer picnic, birthday party, graduation reception, the wedding party - a beautiful and especially a good cake compliments any event at any time.

    Linus Larsson offers hi ... Show Book

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