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    Two faced

    Sekelius, Thomas

    Makeup is fun. Makeup is an art form. Makeup is for everyone.

    Step into the world of Thomas Sekelius and learn how to experiment with your look with the help of makeup.

    How do you create glow? How ... Show Book

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    A Child is Born

    Nilsson, Lennart
    Hamberger, Lars
    Abascal, Gudrun
    Forsell, Linda

    Lennart Nilsson's unique image story about human beings appeared the first time in 1965 and created immediate sensation. Since then, it has been printed in countless editions, translated into over 20 lan ... Show Book

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    Towards the Future

    Henry, Clara

    A 12 000 copy selling lifehack for feminism from the spirited and inspirational author of the bestselling I’m on My Period, So What?

    So what is feminism and why is it necessar ... Show Book

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    Let's make candy

    Beckman, Pia

    This book is bursting with recipes for delicious candy that you can make yourself using ingredients that you usually have in the fridge or the larder. Many of the recipes only needs bowls, spoons and perhaps a microwa ... Show Book

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    Slow food 2

    Linder, Jens

    A decade has passed since the first publication of the cult book Slow Food – full of casseroles, roasts and other food that cooks slowly on the stove or in the oven. And now, at last, its long-awaited sequel ha ... Show Book

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    Baking with Beans

    Wallentinson, Lina

    Beans, peas and lentils, with all their proteins, fibres and minerals, have always been popular as healthy ingredients, and the rise in interest in gut health has now made beans climb even further up on the list.

    < ... Show Book
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