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    Project: Wolf

    Berge, Lars

    Over 5,500 copies sold in Sweden in a month.

    This is not a book about wolves. Neither is it a natural science title. It’s a narrative about mankind; human obsession, greed and ambition. And the ent ... Show Book

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    Alcohol Free Please

    Man, Richard

    Alcohol-free drinks are in vogue, and the range is steadily growing. But many of us still find it difficult to choose when it comes to combining the drinks with food.

    Water, juice, cider, tea, kombucha, lemonad ... Show Book

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    A Taste of Southern Italy

    Roberto, Paolo

    Naples… The name alone makes you long to go there, whether you’ve been there before or not. One person that has been there often is Paola Roberto. Ever since he was a little boy he has spent long periods of time in th ... Show Book

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    Nature's Larder

    Feldt, My

    “I want my recipes to convey emotions, smells and memories. The popping sound that a stalk of rhubarb makes as you pull it out of the earth. The texture of a sun-ripened raspberry that you pick from a bush and put str ... Show Book

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    Get creative with concrete

    Hedengren, Sania
    Zacke, Susanna

    It is easy to create beautiful and useful accessories for your home using concrete, and once you’ve got started you won’t be able to stop. Concrete is the perfect material – it’s inexpensive, durable, easy to work wit ... Show Book

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    Gluten-free baking

    Hovenäs, Susanne
    Randeniye, Malin

    This is an inspirational baking recipe book for EVERYONE that likes to bake and that loves the taste of freshly baked bread, cakes and cookies. There are stuffed muffins, wonderful scones and delicious bread as well a ... Show Book

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