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    Meyer-Topsøe, Elisabeth

    This biography has been written by Birgit’s longstanding friend Elisabeth
    Meyer­Topsoe. She tells the reader about Birgit’s childhood on a farm in
    southern Sweden, her studies and her fantastic career, which a ... Show Book

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    Never Stop Walking

    Rickardsson, Christina

    The true and unique story of how an 8 year-old survived the Brazilian ghetto and undertook the journey of a lifetime!

    Have you ever had the urge to climb up a rock, to look out across the for-ests and the water, ... Show Book

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    The Warsaw Swedes

    Thorsell, Staffan

    On June 9, 1942, a speech was broadcast on the BBC that would change human history.

    Władysław Sikorski, Poland's prime minister exiled in London, revealed that 700,000 Jews had been systematically murdered in b ... Show Book

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    Erik XIV

    Lindqvist, Herman

    Erik XIV, the oldest son of Swedish king Gustav Vasa, might be Sweden’s most misunderstood monarch. Today we remember him as the king who went mad, married a common woman, disowned his brothers and died of poisoning. But ... Show Book

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    ABBA The Backstage stories

    Palm, Carl Magnus
    Halling, Ingmarie

    ABBA The Backstage Stories - a unique book about a unique group

    Brighton 1974. ABBA, an unknown group from Sweden wins the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Waterloo. For Anni-Frid (Frida), Benny, Björ ... Show Book

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