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    Victoria - future queen of Sweden

    Lindqvist, Herman

    Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria is unique. Not only because she just married a commoner. On June 19th 2010, the wedding took place between the future Queen Victoria I and Daniel Westling from Ockelbo. This year, the ... Show Book

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    Karin Larsson's world

    Rydin, Lena

    A forerunner with influence all the way into the IKEA-age!

    It's been over 100 years since she was active, but she is still so modern.
    As late as in 2004 a designer was accused of plagiating Karin Larsson's ro ... Show Book

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    Madame de Pompadour

    Lindqvist, Herman

    - Intelligence, Beauty, Power

    "She was a lady that every man would have liked as a mistress"

    Follow our most prominent and entertaining popular historian Herman Lindqvist on a journey through the 180 ... Show Book

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    Tove Jansson

    Westin, Boel

    A self-portrait in return for 40 sacks of peat and a window being mended was a real coup for the young painter Tove Jansson in the winter of 1946. She had dreamed of being a lighthouse keeper, but became a world famou ... Show Book

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    Jangfeldt, Bengt

    A Life at Stake is a riveting and fascinating portrait of the legendary Mayakovsky, a poet surrounded by many myths. With considerable insight and a light touch, Bengt Jangfeldt describes not only a great but tragic huma ... Show Book

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