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    Orchids of Europe

    Mossberg, Bo
    Pedersen, Henrik Aerenlund

    Orchids are beautiful, rare and much loved. This richly illustrated, factfilled and appealing presentation of Europe’s wild orchids book is the result of collaboration between two prominent experts: the illustrator Bo ... Show Book

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    Delicious Cakes

    Larsson, Linus

    There is a cake for almost any occasion! Summer picnic, birthday party, graduation reception, the wedding party - a beautiful and especially a good cake compliments any event at any time.

    Linus Larsson offers hi ... Show Book

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    Eriksson, Kristina

    What do weekday meals, tea parties and festive occasions have in common? The answer is delicious homemade pies! Perhaps their popularity lies in their ingenious shape, because there’s no end to ingredients and flavour ... Show Book

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    The New Green Salad

    Elgquist, Therese

    This is the book that introduces the new salad - an entire meal composed of green and healthy ingredients with contrasting flavours and textures. Vegetarian all-in-one salads without refined sugar and, in many cases, ... Show Book

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    Cake Hero

    Fares, Roy

    Get out your whisk and spatula  - it’s time to bake! With Roy Fares as your guide, you are guaranteed success with your cookies, buns and cakes.

    If you like baking, you will definitely have something in common ... Show Book

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    From Scratch

    Eisenman Frisk, Lisa
    Eisenman, Monica

    You can actually make most of the food you eat yourself and in this book, sisters Lisa and Monika Eisenman prove just how easy it can be.
    From Scratch contains about 500 recipes for everything from pickled vegetabl ... Show Book

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