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    Orchids of Europe

    Mossberg, Bo
    Pedersen, Henrik Aerenlund

    Orchids are beautiful, rare and much loved. This richly illustrated, factfilled and appealing presentation of Europe’s wild orchids book is the result of collaboration between two prominent experts: the illustrator Bo ... Show Book

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    Concrete Inside and Out

    Hedengren, Sania
    Zacke, Susanna

    Concrete is a beautiful material that can be used for masses of wonderful home accessories - both inside and in the garden. This book presents lots of innovative projects for every season. In the winter, you can cover ... Show Book

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    Organise and Store

    Draganja, Paulina

    Would you like a well organised and easy-to-clean home but find it hard to know where to start?

    This book gives you a concrete plan of action to tick off one area at a time. With the help of one well-defined pr ... Show Book

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    Style and Decorate

    Mercke Schmidt, Minna

    Create wonderful settings and take photographs that touch your heart!

    Thanks to the clear instructions and inspirational pictures, this is the perfect guide to creating beautiful and original flower arrangemen ... Show Book

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    Good Soil

    Lagache, Justine
    Råman, Tina
    Rundquist, Ewa-Marie

    Manure might be dirty, disgusting and smelly, but it is the topic of the most exciting gardening book of the year. Because it is manure that maximises your garden, whatever you grow in it. And, like people, plants nee ... Show Book

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    Year-Round Cultivation

    Israelsson, Lena

    Thanks to climate change, autumns are now longer and warmer and the best thing you can do for the environment is to make use of these rises in temperature to grow your own produce. Lena Israelsson has developed the art o ... Show Book

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