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    Paper Crafts

    Åberg, Erika

    This book contains 30 simple, smart and inspirational paper craft projects. Fun, enjoyable and personal. Thanks to the ingenious solutions, you’ll be able to keep up whatever your age or experience. Create colorful paper ... Show Book

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    Pruning Trees, Shrubs and Climbing Plants

    Rosén, Susanna
    Lundgren, Pia

    What’s a garden without trees and shrubs to frame and create green spaces? Trees and shrubs usually look after themselves but they sometimes need cutting back, sawing and trimming to keep them looking good. Pruning tr ... Show Book

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    Your Guide to a Beautiful Lawn

    Berg, Olle

    Is your lawn dry and brown? Are the bare patches getting even bigger? Is there more moss than grass? No problem! With Olle Berg’s expert help even the most hopeless lawn will get a new lease of life! In this practical ha ... Show Book

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    Retro Knitting!

    Trotzig, Eva

    Some garments never go out of style and they are the ones
    that your grandmother and mother learnt to knit at school

    using tried and tested patterns that you can’t go wrong with.

    These are the garments ... Show Book

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    Creative Crochet Projects for the Home

    Zacke, Susanna
    Hedengren, Sania

    Creative Crochet Projects for the Home is bursting with fun ideas for brightening up your life! Why not crochet a cute baby blanket, new cushion pads for your chairs or an attractive case for your iPad?
    The book cont ... Show Book

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    Modern Country Living

    Örnberg, Anna

    A tougher and more rugged book than Anna Örnberg’s previous one, where the inspiration comes from cool New York lofts with rough brick walls, concrete floors and patinated furniture. This is the natural development of th ... Show Book

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