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    Nazi Gold and the Field Marshal’s Secret

    Wallén, Marcus

    A roller-coaster page-turner which brings the reader on an treasure hunt across Europe, from the 1930’s to the present day on the trail of the missing Nazi treasures.

    ‘Polish “Gold Train” Hunter ... Show Book

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    Kim Wall

    Wall, Ingrid
    Wall, Joachim

    A Voice Silenced

    I wake up in the middle of the night. Two different ideas have taken root in my consciousness during my half-slumber, ideas refusing to be silenced until I’ve acted on them. Th ... Show Book

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    Norberg, Ulrica

    A revolutionary, new approach to health and wellbeing combining ancient yogic wisdom and cutting-edge neurological research in a new book from Swedish expert and yogamaster, Ulrica Norberg.

    The bre ... Show Book

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    Project: Wolf

    Berge, Lars

    10 000 copies sold in Sweden

    This is not a book about wolves. Neither is it a natural science title. It’s a narrative about mankind; human obsession, greed and ambition. And the underlying mechani ... Show Book

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    Scandinavian Clean Living

    Johansson, Martina
    Lindkvist, Fanny

    Detox Your Lifestyle the Swedish Way

    We all aspire to reduce harmful elements from our daily lives. Looking past clever marketing ploys and a lack of information on the full facts, it can be hard t ... Show Book

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    Counting Sheep

    Lindén, Axel

    10th July

    ‘Narrow paths appear across the fields. The sheep follow one another so as not to trample the pasture. I would never have thought of that.’

    A literary graduate curt ... Show Book

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