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    Lindqvist, Herman

    The story of ‘the father of modern Finland’ told by renowned historian Herman Lindqvist

    This is the story of the legendary marshal of Finland, Gustaf Mannerheim. It is common knowledge to mo ... Show Book

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    The Murder Book

    Palmkvist, Joakim

    A missing person. A tragic love story. And the woman who solved one of the most bizarre murders in Swedish history. Nearing 7000 copies sold in three months.

    Like a modern-d ... Show Book

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    The Good Girl Revolt

    Ohlsson, Birgitta

    Why are the overachieving ‘Good Girls’ often ignored at work, frequently bypassed in their careers, and even criticised for their exacting standards instead of applauded, promoted and encouraged? ... Show Book

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    The Girl and the Shame

    Wennstam, Katarina

    What do Anne Boleyn, Anna Karenina, Cleopatra and Monica Lewinsky have in common? They were all victims of slut-shaming. THE GIRL AND THE SHAME is a brutally disclosing non-fiction reportage that covers the history of ... Show Book

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    The Gutenberg Galaxy Nova

    Burton, Nina


    The fate of humanism told through the life of the 16th century literary star Erasmus of Rotterdam.

    In the time ... Show Book

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    The Wild & Violent Vasa Family

    Lindqvist, Herman

    When Gustav Eriksson was elected regent in 1521, he was alone and destitute - his relatives had been executed in the infamous Stockholm Bloodbath and all of the family’s assets were seized. But Gustav was used to wiel ... Show Book

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