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    When Finland Was Sweden

    Lindqvist, Herman

    For almost 700 years Sweden and Finland were one and the same; one country, one king.

    Some time during the 12th century the Swedes expanded their territory and when more counties were added to the Swedish r ... Show Book

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    New Delhi - Borås

    Andersson, Per J

    The larger-than-life story of a casteless Indian man who falls in love with a Swedish girl, and cycles across half the world to follow his heart. Now sold in nine countries!

    This real-life saga tells story of P ... Show Book

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    The Myths of the Third Reich

    Olausson, Peter

    Did the Nazis create the Swastika? How important was it to be blond and blue eyed? Was Nazi Germany really perfectly organized? Was the Holocaust a result of scientific racism? How close was Hitler to making a nuclear ... Show Book

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    All monsters must die

    Bärtås, Magnus
    Ekman, Fredrik

    In 1978 agents from North Korea kidnapped the greatest star of South Korea, the actress Madame Choi, and her ex-husband, the famous film director Shun Sang Ok. After more or less having been kept in custody for five y ... Show Book

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