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    A Child is Born

    Nilsson, Lennart
    Hamberger, Lars
    Abascal, Gudrun
    Forsell, Linda

    When it was first published fifty years ago, Lennart Nilsson’s A Child is Born broke astonishing new ground, offering an unprecedented glimpse of life inside the womb. Packed with breathtaking photographs, this ... Show Book

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    Ek, David

    Have you ever trained towards a fitness goal but felt that after a while you weren’t making any progress? That could be because you weren’t using the ultimate training tool – food.
      The right food can be your be ... Show Book

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    52 Paths to Mindfulness

    Schenström, Ola

    Mindfulness is all about being present in the now, listening to yourself and to your body’s signals and being attentive to your needs. But there’s no quick fix to Mindfulness, it requires regular practice.
      In < ... Show Book

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    My Child Online

    Dufva, Maria

    Nowadays, just about every 10 year old has a smartphone and spends an average of three hours a day playing online games. And 15 % of all 2 year olds use the Internet on a daily basis. Yet we still ask our children mor ... Show Book

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    Paolos Yoga

    Roberto, Paolo

    In Paolo’s Yoga, Paolo Roberto demystifies yoga as a form of exercise and emphasizes the fact that all of us have different approaches to it. To Paolo, yoga is a lifestyle. It works whether you do it for your h ... Show Book

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    Brain Power

    Hansen, Anders

    If you want to raise your stress tolerance, improve your memory and maximise your creativity and intelligence the answer is exercise. Research actually shows that regular exercise boosts your brain power more than Sud ... Show Book

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