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    A New Look

    Thulin, Camilla

    Join Camilla Thulin, Sweden’s uncrowned queen of style, as she gives ten women a brand new feminine look to follow
    and enjoy, guides them through the clothes jungle and gives them great tips on how to build up a bran ... Show Book

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    Marathons and Other Long Distance Runs

    Szalkai, Anders

    If you have ever dreamt of taking part in the New York Marathon or any other long-distance run for that matter, then you have to read this book. Written by the Swedish running expert and marathon winner Anders Szalkai, t ... Show Book

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    Older and Wiser!

    Ahlander, Dag Sebastian

    An optimist lives 7 years longer than a pessimist! "The aim of my first handbook Handbook for Happy Old Men was to get older men to realise that they have many exciting years and interesting projects ahead of them. The a ... Show Book

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    Healthy Radiant Skin

    Björkegren Jones, Karin

    This inspirational and sensual book tells you how to overcome common skin problems such as bags under your eyes,
    loose skin and worry wrinkles without injecting nasty chemicals or going under the knife. Instead of wa ... Show Book

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    15-Minute Yoga

    Norberg, Ulrica

    Introduce yoga into your life!

    Set aside 15 minutes a day and choose the right yoga programme for you.

    This new book by Ulrica Norberg, the renowned yoga instructor and author, is bursting with all the ex ... Show Book

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    Tummy, Bum, Thighs

    Sjöö, Annika

    Get in shape, build strength and burn fat - in all the right places

    A flat tummy, a nice bum and firm thighs is what you’ll get if you follow the training sessions in this book, but is that enough? Heart rate bas ... Show Book

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