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    Paulúns Fast Food

    Paulún, Fredrik

    Fredrik Paulún is back! This time with a cookbook full of smart, fast and healthy recipes. Fredrik always focuses on the ingredients and this book is no exception. They not only make the food taste fantastic, they are al ... Show Book

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    Berglund, Karin

    That dream about Paradise - here you can make it happen.

    Peonies in large armfuls, all the lilies, sweet peas, scents riding on the wind, all those colours, birdsong, butterflies and the cat slinking around the ... Show Book

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    Paper Crafts

    Åberg, Erika

    This book contains 30 simple, smart and inspirational paper craft projects. Fun, enjoyable and personal. Thanks to the ingenious solutions, you’ll be able to keep up whatever your age or experience. Create colorful paper ... Show Book

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    Pelle And Uncle Otto's Invention

    Lööf, Jan

    To anyone who’s read his books, it’s not exactly a secret that Jan Lööf likes machines and engines.

    In Pelle and Uncle Otto’s Invention he goes all the way and tells all the little petrol heads out there about t ... Show Book

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    Peter and Lotta's Adventure

    Beskow, Elsa

    When Peter and Lotta give away one of their kittens, they find themselves having a day full of adventures including the excitement of the fair. But will they manage to get home safely?Show Book

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    Perennials for every garden

    Rosén, Susanna

    Perennials are plants with which we have a very special love affair. These plants, the mainstay of the garden, return obligingly year after year. Many perennials are gifts and have a story to tell. No wonder then that ... Show Book

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