Series: Solgatan 1


Helena Bross

Axel is going to a sleepover at Omar’s. It’s going to be such fun! They lie next to each other and talk, but after a while Omar doesn’t answer any more. He’s asleep.It’s dark and the bed feels a bit strange. Axel gets worried, he hasn’t said goodnigh…

Swedish title: Sova borta

Series: Solgatan 1

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 30-05-2011

Format: 64 pages, 128 x 210 mm, colour

Swimming Lessons

Helena Bross

“Number 1 Sun Street” is a series of very easy-to-read books. They are warm, charming stories for those who are just starting to learn to read, with a limited amount of text, short sentences and simple words. The whole class is having swimming lesson…

Swedish title: Simskolan

Series: Solgatan 1

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 08-03-2010

Format: 64 pages, 148 x 210 mm, colour