Very Best Friends

Helena Bross

Helena Bross’ immensely popular series Class 1B is constantly on the best seller lists. The books are easy to read and so true to life that boys and girls can easily associate with these stories. And in Sweden’s most popular first class, a pet of one…

Swedish title: Allra bästa kompisen

Series: Class 1B

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 15-07-2013

Format: 64 pages, colour illustrations, 148 x 210 mm

Märta and the Stablemates

Erika Eklund Wilson

What fun it is to be back at riding school after the summer! And now Martha`s new favourite horse Caramel is there too. Martha and Maja were the ones who found Caramel for riding teacher Kattis, so he’s almost like their own horse. But Katt…

Swedish title: Märta och stallkompisarna

Series: Horses!

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 15-07-2013

Format: 64 pages, 148 x 210 mm

Help! I found a crib note

Jo Salmson

Exciting and easy reading by favourite children´s author Jo Salmson! We´re going to have tests at school for the very first time.  When the teacher tells us this it sounds very exciting.  Mummy helps me and we study hard so that I can spell all…

Swedish title: Hjälp! Jag hittar ett fusk

Series: Help!

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 15-07-2013

Format: 64 pg, 148x210mm, Colour

The Living and the Dead in Winsford

Håkan Nesser

One night in November, a woman arrives in Winsford, on Exmoore of southwest England. She settles in with her dog in a remote house on the moor. She doesn’t use her real name, and why she has come to stay remains unclear. She wanders in thorns, fog an…

Swedish title: Levande och döda i Winsford

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 09-07-2013

The Meaning of Life

Lotta Olsson

Is nose washing the meaning of life? The giant ant-eater and the dormouse from Strange animals, a book that was nominated for the August Prize, are back again with their third adventure! This time they are wallowing in deep speculations about the mea…

Swedish title: Meningen med livet

Series: The giant anteater and the dormouse

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 28-05-2013

Format: 112 pages,148x210 mm, color

The Devil Helped Me

Caroline Eriksson

It was considered a little odd that the beautiful young daughter of a district court judge chose to marry the soft-spoken farmer’s son, Per, who since his father’s death had been living alone with his mother. But Hanna felt he was the right one for h…

Swedish title: Djävulen hjälpte mig

Series: Swedish Murders

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 27-05-2013

The King is coming

Jo Salmson

  Jo Salmson knows how to combine the epic narrative of her imagination with easy-to-read in an absolutely unique way. In her new series Maro’s journey we meet the boy whose fate forces him to take off on a secret mission in the King’s service….

Swedish title: Kungen kommer!

Series: Maro's journey

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 20-05-2013

Format: 112 pg, 148x210 mm, b/w illustrations

Lomelino’s Ice Cream

Linda Lomelino

Discover just how wonderfully delicious and surprisingly easy it is to make your own ice cream! Lomelino’s Ice Cream is bursting with irresistible ice creams and sorbets made using ingredients like chocolate, nuts and seasonal fruits and berries. The…

Swedish title: Lomelinos glass

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 14-05-2013

Format: 195 x 224, 112 pages