Indra Larsson’s Improbable Horse Diary

Lin Hallberg

Celebrated author Lin Hallberg is back with her third book about the daydreaming and totally animal-mad Indra Larsson.It’s spring and love is in the air! Mummy’s “friend” Arvid arrives with his stripy pyjamas and is going to stay over. Thea is convin…

Swedish title: Indra Larssons rätt osannolika hästdagbok

Series: The Horse Whisperer

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 24-08-2020

Format: 135 x 185 mm, 208 pages

Two of Everything

Rose Lagercrantz

An unforgettable story with a great deal of warmth about two children’s friendship in a difficult time. In the little Transylvanian town there are two of everything. Two rivers, two main streets, two graveyards, and two friends who run faster than al…

Swedish title: Två av allt

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 24-08-2020

Format: Format 148 x 210 mm, 112 pages, colour

Ya Leila

Donia Saleh

The humour in Queenie meets the style of Jonas Hassen Khemiri in this unapologetically political, disarmingly honest, and heart-rendingly identifyable story about loyalty and love, and what happens when you step out of the box that someone else has d…

Swedish title: Ya Leila

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 21-08-2020

Rogue Wave

Lars Berge

Acclaimed journalist Lars Berge embarks on a personal odyssey in the footsteps of a seafaring ancestor at the heart of an onboard miracle, from Scandinavia to the ports of Wales and the United States.The full-rigged SS Alcides sailed the world at the…

Swedish title: Monstervågen

Category: General Non-Fiction / Narrative & General Non-Fiction

Pub date: 21-08-2020

Kitchen Mission

Malin Landqvist, Victoria Voss

A cookery book that inspires children and young adults to start changing the world in a positive direction from their own kitchens. There are almost 50 delicious recipes that do good both for our planet and for ourselves – everything from breakfast a…

Swedish title: Göra gott

Category: Children / Children´s Non Fiction

Pub date: 19-08-2020

Format: 170 x 240 mm, 192 pages

Weekend Menus

Mattias Larsson

It has never been easier to dine! Here you will find 16 easy-to-prepare menus with delicious starters and main courses, snacks to serve before the meal and desserts to round off the evening with. Mattias Larsson, known as Fredagskocken, also teaches…

Swedish title: Lättlagade helgmenyer

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 19-08-2020

The Mega Beam

Peter Bergting

Meet the favourite superheroes of children everywhere!Help! A water monster is running amok in the city, crushing everything in its path. What’s more, it can shrink people with its powerful laser beam. It’s time to summon the team of superheroes who…

Swedish title: Jordens hjältar. Megaztrålen

Series: Heroes of the Earth

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 17-08-2020

Format: 195 x 260 mm, 32 pages, colour

The Robot Puppies

Peter Bergting

Super cute but mysterious puppies have eaten all the sweets in town and there is not a single one left! It’s time for our Heroes of the Earth to save the day. The Heroes are a bunch of friends with superpowers who are all experts in dealing with vill…

Swedish title: Jordens hjältar. Robotvalparna

Series: Heroes of the Earth

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 17-08-2020

Format: 195 x 260 mm, 32 pages, coluor