Fantastic Families and Kattis’s Party

Maria Löfgren

Fun for the whole family! Maria Löfgren’s debut picture book invites us into the magnificent homes of several families.Who is sneaking in the cave? It must be the Dark family exploring secret places. What’s going on at the farm? It’s the Wild family…

Swedish title: Fantastiska familjer och Kattis kalas

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 26-05-2021

Format: 215 x 280 mm, 32 pages, colour

Bake in 30 Minutes

Nina Hermansen

In Sweden, gathering around the table for fika is just as important as the evening meal. And this book makes fika easy. Here are 60 quick recipes for treats to suit all tastes: cookies, mud cakes, buns, pies, pastries and more. On your plate in under…

Swedish title: Baka på 30 minuter

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 25-05-2021

Format: 170 x 240 mm, 160 pages

The Last Outpost

Cecilia Heikkilä

Grandpa says that the last outpost is the most beautiful place in the world. It is on the other side of the ocean, deep in the wilderness. There are ice mountains, bottomless lakes and wild animals that will eat you up if you don’t watch your step. A…

Swedish title: Den sista utposten

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 25-05-2021

Format: 195 x 240mm, 40 pages, colour

The Mushroom Guide

Pelle Holmberg

This essential, easy-to-use woodland companion is bursting with facts and expert advice for before and during your mushroom picking adventure. This guide introduces all the most common Nordic mushrooms, with tips on how to find them, as well as the b…

Swedish title: Pelle Holmbergs svampbok

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Animals & Nature

Pub date: 20-05-2021

Format: 115 x 165 mm, 152 pages

The Summer Holiday Book. King for a Day

Martin Widmark

Did you know that every year Valleby draws lots to decide who will be king for a day? The lucky winner gets to decide everything that will happen in the town of Valleby during the entire day. Read this funny new story about the time when the whole of…

Swedish title: LasseMajas sommarlovsbok: Kung för en dag

Series: The Whodunit Detective Agency

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 10-05-2021

Format: 148 x 210 mm, 96 pages, colour

Sleep Now Sam

Sofia Rådström

A cosy, familiar setting for the little ones and their parents.It is time for bed. Sam has to go to sleep. But first comes teeth brushing and nappy changing. Then Dad will read a story. But Sam doesn’t want to lie still in bed. It is so much fun turn…

Swedish title: Sov nu, Sickan

Series: Sam

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 29-04-2021

Format: 170 x 170 mm, 32 pages, colour

Tray Bakes

Linda Andersson

Tray baking is simple, adaptable and can feed many mouths. The rectangular shape is perfect for cakes as well as cookies, buns, pies, tarts and bread. The author is the brain behind one of Sweden’s most popular baking blogs in which even beginners ca…

Swedish title: Lindas baka i långpanna

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 26-04-2021

Format: 170 x 240 mm, 112 pages

Vegan Treats

Frida Svanberg

Everyone should know how to bake cakes, buns and cookies to rival shop-bought brands. In this book, typical vegan substitute ingredients, such as avocado and dates, are just as forbidden as eggs and milk. All these treats are sugary and unhealthy, an…

Swedish title: Veganska godsaker

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 20-04-2021

Format: 170 x 240 mm, 144 pages