The Little Old Lady Does It Again

Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

Nothing is impossible when the League of Pensioners strikes again. With ingenuity and action, the members embark on a tour of theft to help those in need. But since the banks are now short of cash, the gang must look for new targets. Fearless, Märtha…

Swedish title: Det rånar sig nog

Series: The League of Pensioners

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 01-09-2022

Whole Lotta More Mittens

Lotta Lundin

Knitting Lotta is back with her second book and 16 new mitten patterns. Knitting Lotta is a designer-turned-knitter whose patterns have enjoyed international success. Dream of summer and warm your hands with hibiscus, ladybirds and pineapples. Or why…

Swedish title: Sticka fler vantar med Knitting Lotta

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Crafts & Hobbies

Pub date: 30-08-2022

Format: 195 x 224 mm, 128 pages

Asian Favorites

Filip Poon

In Asian Favourites you will find all the most delicious Asian dishes in one book. A basic cookbook with 65 flavoursome and easy-to-follow recipes from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. The collection is based on dishes that writer and chef…

Swedish title: Asiatiska favoriter

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 23-08-2022

Format: 195 x 260 mm, 200 pages

River of Dreams

Elisabet Nemert

A river, a boat, a new life. Noha, an incredibly successful business man, has left the cosmopolitan office on Wall Street and the excess of New York to travel to the calm and spiritual rain forests of the Amazon. Trying to run away from the man he ha…

Swedish title: Drömmarnas flod

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 17-08-2022

The Blue Marble

Patrik Svensson

The highly-anticipated new book by Patrik Svensson, internationally award-winning, New York Times, Time Magazine, LA Times, Sunday Times and Washington Post acclaimed author of The Gospel of the Eels. In this new book, Patrik takes us on a different…

Swedish title: Den lodande människan

Category: General Non-Fiction / Narrative & General Non-Fiction

Pub date: 15-08-2022

Beloved Sister

Åsa Hellberg

Sisters Anna and Cornelia grow up in a loving but financially struggling family on a farm outside Fjällbacka, Sweden. When both sisters get the chance to train as nurses and move to the big city, they jump at the opportunity. Anna is serious and care…

Swedish title: Inte utan min syster

Series: The Sisters from Fjällbacka series

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 09-08-2022

Variations of the Imperfect

Nina Burton

Swedish title: Variationer på imperfekt

Category: Uncategorized

Pub date: 03-08-2022

Fighing Cancer

Anders Södergård

We have known for a while now that physical activity can help stave off cancer. But did you know that exercise can also help your body cope better with cancer treatments, thereby increasing your chances of recovery? What is more, movement makes you s…

Swedish title: Cancerkampen

Category: General Non-Fiction / Lifestyle, Inspiration & Health

Pub date: 26-07-2022

Format: 148 x 210 mm, 160 pages