Gluten-free baking

Susanne Hovenäs, Malin Randeniye

This is an inspirational baking recipe book for EVERYONE that likes to bake and that loves the taste of freshly baked bread, cakes and cookies. There are stuffed muffins, wonderful scones and delicious bread as well as creamy chocolate macaroons, raw…

Swedish title: Baka glutenfritt

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 03-05-2018

Format: 170x240 mm, 128 pages

To Grandpa, If You Get Hungry

Nicolas Jändel

How does a child handle the loss of a loved one? In this warm portrayal of a child’s feelings when grief strikes and nothing seems as though it will ever be the same again, we join Elliot on his journey through the grieving process and out the other…

Swedish title: Till morfar, om du blir hungrig

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 30-04-2018

Format: 148x210 mm, 96 pages, colour

Hiking in Europe

Claes Grundsten

In this book by photographer Claes Grundsten, we join him for more than 30 hikes in Europe, from the iconic Mount Olympus in the south, to Lapland’s Kungsleden in the north. He takes us to the Dolomites, the forests of Bavaria, the Western Highlands,…

Swedish title: Vandra i Europa

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Animals & Nature

Pub date: 30-04-2018

Format: 215x265 mm, 304 pages


Gertrud Hellbrand

The Secret History meets Cruel Intentions in a dark, suspenseful novel about friendship, jealousy and obsession. A violent death. Two charismatic siblings. A young, naive woman, inexplicably drawn to them. And fifteen years later, a reunion with life…

Swedish title: Satyricon

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 27-04-2018


Elisabeth Meyer-Topsøe

This biography has been written by Birgit’s longstanding friend Elisabeth Meyer­Topsoe. She tells the reader about Birgit’s childhood on a farm in southern Sweden, her studies and her fantastic career, which achieved international status in the late…

Swedish title: Birgit Nilsson : från Västra Karup till Metropolitan

Category: General Non-Fiction / Biography & Memoir

Pub date: 24-04-2018

Format: 195x260 mm, 224 pages

Grill Green

Malin Landqvist

Green food has taken its rightful place in the kitchen and now it’s time to give it its rightful place on the grill. Now that grilled vegetables are so much more than burnt onion & pepper skewers and bananas baked in foil, make them the star attracti…

Swedish title: Grilla Grönt

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 24-04-2018

Format: 170x240 mm, 192 pages

Billie: Everyone Together

Sara Kadefors

People want to do things all the time. They want to be together, they want to be on their own, they want to move apart and, above all, they don’t want to tell anyone what they actually think and feel. And Billie really wants to know, because curiosit…

Swedish title: Billie. Alla tillsammans

Series: Billie

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 23-04-2018

Format: 125x197 mm, 164 pages


David Zetterström, Lotta Zetterström

‘Fabrique – A bakery’s secrets and stories’ is a fun and different baking book for everyone who loves bread and baking. It is full of inspiring pictures as well as delicious recipes for stone oven baked bread, buns and cakes, together with anecdotes…

Swedish title: Fabrique : all you need is bröd and love

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 18-04-2018

Format: 215x263 mm