Explorers and Adventurers

Sarah Sheppard

With Sarah Sheppard as a guide, the journey is both fun and educational. Learn about space flight, impossible missions and exciting research trips. Learn something new about the first moon landing, follow the dangerous race to be first to reach the S…

Swedish title: Jorden runt: Upptäckare och äventyrare

Series: Around the World

Category: Children / Children´s Non Fiction

Pub date: 26-06-2017

Format: 215x280 mm 40 pages, color

Learn to count with Sharks

Sarah Sheppard

Learn to count to fem and get to know more about sharks, in this vibrantly coloured board book. A good way to introduce young chilldren to the fascinating underwater world. 

Swedish title: Räkna med hajar

Category: Children / Children´s Non Fiction

Pub date: 20-06-2017

Format: 190x190 mm, 12 pages, color

Learn the colours with Dinos

Sarah Sheppard

Sarah Sheppard loved dinosaurs make a comeback in a board book about colors for the youngest children. Here we meet the YELLOW Allosaurus, PINK Utahraptor and … who is it that sneaks into the green jungle? Tyrannosaurus course! There are also facts…

Swedish title: Färger med dino

Category: Children / Children´s Non Fiction

Pub date: 20-06-2017

Format: 190x190 mm, 12 pages, color

The Summer of Kim Novak

Håkan Nesser

One summer in Närke at the beginning of the sixties. “It’s going to be a hard summer”, says 14-year-old Erik’s father. And it is.This is the summer when Kim Novak gives Erik his first glimpse of what life has to offer. But what is actually happening?…

Swedish title: Kim Novak badade aldrig i Genesarets sjö

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 12-06-2017

First Aid for Animals

Grethe Rottböll

Udde and Leija have started First Aid for Animals. There are a lot of animals out there that need their help and many of them are surprisingly close – just outside the house or even in the drawer. The club has its own motto: ”Don’t be scared of natur…

Swedish title: Första naturhjälpen räddar djuren

Series: Easy-to-read facts

Category: Children / Fiction 6-9

Pub date: 12-06-2017

Format: 148 x 210mm, 64 pages, color

Understanding Your Dog

Bo Söderström

Do dogs react more negatively towards people that aren’t nice to their owners? How much of a wolf ’s and a dog’s behaviour is innate? Are there dogs that are right-pawed or left­pawed? How can I train my dog by myself? And is it really true that Alsa…

Swedish title: Hur tänker din hund?

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction / Animals & Nature

Pub date: 05-06-2017

Format: 170x235mm 248 pages

The Jungle’s Pirates

Kjell Thorsson

 The Jungle’s Pirates is the third book about Mino and Micke. An imaginative and action-packed series of picture books for all fans of vehicles, inventions and adventures!  When the pirates invade the jungle, Mino and Micke want to help. But all does…

Swedish title: Mino och Micke. Djungelpiraterna

Series: Mino and Micke

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 02-06-2017

Format: 215x280 mm, 32 pages, color

The Ghost in the Library

Katarina Genar

 The Ghost in the Library is a stand-alone title with longer text, in the exciting and scary “Mysterious School” series.  Greta loves her school. Mysterious things happen here, things not always visible to the naked eye… Today their librarian, Amir,…

Swedish title: Mystiska skolan. Spöket i biblioteket

Series: The Mysterious School

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 01-06-2017

Format: 148x210 mm, 96 pages