Spot and Splodge See Stars

Lotta Geffenblad

When you’re out in the dark you have to watch out! Far out in the sky there are lots of stars that shine like small spots. And a very big spot – the moon. If you watch really close, you can see letters and numbers. Spot and Splodge are watching very…

Swedish title: Prick och Fläck ser stjärnor

Series: Spot and Splodge

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 22-08-2008

The Story of Mr Roos

Håkan Nesser

Mr. Roos is a man whose charm can be compared to a glass of lukewarm water…59 years old Ante Valdemar Roos lives with his second wife and barely gets along with his two stepdaughters. One day, a winning lottery ticket makes it possible for him to f…

Swedish title: Berättelse om herr Roos

Series: The Barbarotti Series

Category: Fiction / Mystery & Thrillers

Pub date: 15-08-2008

The House of Silence

Magnus Nordin

A dark secret lurks in the House of Silence… Stella sits alone during the day in a silent and empty apartment in a block due to be torn down, while her friend Gabriel is out at work. Since she and Gabriel fled from the sect in which they grew up, it…

Swedish title: Tystnadens hus

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 11-08-2008

Astrid the Fly Flies High

Maria Jönsson

Astrid the Fly is back in a new dangerous adventure. This time she is supposed to take care of one of her 43 siblings. When little Bertil suddenly disappears Astrid starts looking for him – outside!Astrid is an ingenious little fly, full of curiosity…

Swedish title: Spyflugan Astrid flyger högt

Series: Astrid the Fly

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 11-08-2008

Matilda's Cats

Jan Lööf

A new book by one of our most beloved picture book artists. A story without much text – the pictures speak for themselves!Matilda’s cats are big, yellow, striped and very sweet. But sometimes other people get scared of them…

Swedish title: Matildas katter

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 11-08-2008

What Would You Do?

Annika Thor

Jesper and Abbe live in an ordinary small town, and have just started Year 8 in school. They have known each other almost all their lives, and hang out together practically every day. But then Jesper hooks up with Annie, and the situation changes. An…

Swedish title: Vad skulle du ha valt?

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 11-08-2008

Dark Angel

Mari Jungstedt

Mari Jungstedt, the major Swedish Crime sensation: 15 books published in 17 languages Set on the picturesque island of Gotland a couple of hours south of Stockholm in the Baltic Sea, is known for its spectacular scenery and wild weather. The isolatio…

Swedish title: Den mörka ängeln

Category: Fiction / Mystery & Thrillers

Pub date: 17-06-2008

The Boy Who’s Got What it Takes

Ulf Stark

Ulf is being punished. He has to be Grandfather’s slave for a whole day, helping out with all kinds of things – mostly heavy work. Grandfather doesn’t think Ulf is up to it, but Ulf is determined to show Grandfather he’s got what it takes, that he’s…

Swedish title: Krutpojken

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 26-05-2008