The Archeology Detectives and Captain Kidd's Secret

Dan Höjer

Swedish title: Arkeologdeckarna och Kapten Kidds hemlighet

Series: The Archeology Detectives

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 02-05-2017

The Summer Holiday Book. Where is Sylvester

Martin Widmark

 The perfect reading on the beach, in the car or at camp – a great mix of fun activities, crafts, and a brand new case for Lasse and Maja. You will get a great recipe courtesy of Dino and Sarah from the cafe in Valleby, you will learn how to draw the…

Swedish title: LasseMajas sommarlovsbok. Var är Sylvester?

Category: Children

Pub date: 02-05-2017

You are Going to Miss Me!

Moa Herngren

I am seventeen years old. I decided to become an adult less than 24 hours ago and I’m already a criminal. Now I’m on the run from the police and hiding in the woods.When Mom travels to the countryside with her new lover and Dad flyes to Mallorca with…

Swedish title: Ni kommer sakna mig

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 02-05-2017

Pelle No-Tail’s School: The Book of Dangers and First Help

Maria Frensborg

Fasten your helmet, put on the life jacket – and do not forget 112! Hazards such as fire, water and traffic are both frightening and fascinating for big and small.  In five short stories, Pelle learns everything about how to save lives as well as how…

Swedish title: Pelle Svanslös skola. Kattastrofboken

Series: Pelle No-Tail

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 25-04-2017

All Three on the School Yard at The Green Pea Pre-School

Maria Nilsson Thore

 Join Ester, Idde and Valle in their favorite corners of the yard at their pre-school. Follow Idde in the woods as she will need help to feed the crocodiles, hang out by the reserve to find your favorite toys and play with water along with Valle. So…

Swedish title: Alla tre ute på förskolan Ärtan

Series: All Three

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 20-04-2017

All Three Will Play in Pair

Maria Nilsson Thore

Swedish title: Alla tre vill leka två

Series: All Three

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 20-04-2017

The Storm and the Monster-Trucks

Daniel Sjölin

 Is there one child who hasn’t dreamed of driving a monster-truck? A small boy becomes the king of the road in this action-packed and humorous picture book. Inspiration comes from the sandbox with all its happy vehicle crashes. There is also a messag…

Swedish title: Stormen och monstertrucken

Category: Children / Picture Books

Pub date: 18-04-2017

Cake Hero

Roy Fares

Get out your whisk and spatula  – it’s time to bake! With Roy Fares as your guide, you are guaranteed success with your cookies, buns and cakes. If you like baking, you will definitely have something in common with Roy Fares. He is the master pastry…

Swedish title: Cake Hero

Category: Non Fiction / Food & Drink

Pub date: 10-04-2017