Axel Lindén

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Elisabet Brännström

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Axel Lindén

Axel Lindén (b. 1972) debuted in 2017 with Counting Sheep, a reflection on life as an academic-turned-shepherd. The book sold to 8 languages and garnered rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Today, Lindén lives on a farm with his family in the south of Sweden. Their house is heated with firewood made up of every other fir and every other pine logs.

Books by Axel Lindén

Counting Sheep

Axel Lindén

10th July ‘Narrow paths appear across the fields. The sheep follow one another so as not to trample the pasture. I would never have thought of that.’A literary graduate curtails his doctoral studies to move with his family to the fully working farm h…

Swedish title: Fårdagboken

Category: General Non-Fiction

Pub date: 22-09-2017