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Gustav Mandelmann

Gustav and Marie Mandelmann have been running their farm Mandelmann’s Gardens since 1966, with vegetable as well as livestock farming, in the little village of Rörum on Österlen in southern Sweden. On the 60 hectares large grounds they have created a meeting place for all ages with a garden kitchen, a farm shop, open gardens and a greenhouse. Since 2017, they have been featured on the popular and award-winning TV show ‘Mandelmann’s farm’ showing their life and work at the farm.

Books by Gustav Mandelmann

Mandelmanns' Kitchen

Gustav Mandelmann

The Mandelmanns in Djupadal use everything from their fields, meadows, barns, chicken coops, beehives and greenhouses. Grain, vegetables, berries, fruit, meat, milk and honey are turned into delicious bread, pasta, juice, preserves, butter, cheese, y…

Swedish title: Mandelmanns köksbok

Category: Non Fiction

Pub date: 10-06-2016

Format: 195x240 mm

Mandelmann’s Sweets

Marie Mandelmann

Sweets and desserts have a natural place at the self-sufficient Djupadal farm of the Mandelmanns. As with all their food, the sweets follow the seasons and celebrations of the year, with borlotti cake and thumbprint cookies in the fall, saffron waffl…

Swedish title: Mandelmanns söta

Category: Non Fiction

Pub date: 16-04-2019

Format: 170x220 mm, 192 pages


Marie Mandelmann

Swedish title: Självhushållning på Djupadal

Category: Non Fiction

Pub date: 07-05-2013

Format: 195x260 mm 272 pages