Hedvig Söderlund

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Hedvig Söderlund

Hedvig Söderlund is a professor of psychology who has been active at Uppsala University. For almost 20 years, Hedvig has devoted her time to researching human memory and how it is organised in the brain, and has published many scientific articles on the subject. Hedvig has investigated how memory is affected by factors such as ageing, alcohol and depression and has also studied gender differences. The hippocampus, the region of the brain central to personal events, has been a particular focus of Hedvig’s research.

Hedvig has lived abroad for many years and studied and researched in both Paris and Toronto.

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Hedvig Söderlund

When Hedvig Söderlund was promoted to professor of psychology, she was on sick leave due to exhaustion syndrome. She had achieved national and international success as a brain scientist, researching how memory is organised in the brain and came to wo…

Swedish title: Den utbrända hjärnforskaren

Category: General Non-Fiction

Pub date: 08-03-2021

Format: 151x225mm, 240 pages