Heléne Johansson

For seven years Heléne Johansson has run Brunkebergs Bageri & Catering. She has a deeply rooted interest in food, which also leaves its impression in her bread making. For Heléne, the passion for food and bread is deadly serious. You don’t cheat, you use only the best and most delicious ingredients, and you take your time. Only then do you really reap the rewards of your labours.

Books by Heléne Johansson

Bread for every occasion

Heléne Johansson

Eating bread in the right context is almost as important as the fact that it is delicious and looks good. Bread and food belong together and enhance each other, just as food and an appropriate drink can do. For that reason, Heléne Johansson takes the…

Swedish title: Bröd från Brunkebergs Bageri

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 01-09-2009

Format: 136 pages, 189x246 pages, colour