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Henrik Ståhl

Henrik Ståhl, born 1975, is a Swedish actor, dramatist and author. In 2003 he had his debut as an author with the book “Livskartan”. In 2011 he put up the play “Vial”, which became the inspiration for the movie “Ensamma i Rymden” in 2018.

Henrik has been producing and acting in plenty of Swedish kids shows and has also toured all over the country with his play “Henrik – a loser” (“Henrik – en tönt”) which is about bullying.

In 2019 the book “To Vial” is published, a dark story that brings up many existential questions, but also an exciting action story and a warm relationship novel between two siblings who only have each other. “To Vial” is based on Henrik Ståhl’s play with the same name.

Books by Henrik Ståhl

To Vial

Henrik Ståhl

Planet earth is heading to its downfall. On board a spaceship on its way to the rescue of planet Vial, we find some siblings who possibly are not alone onboard. The playwright and actor Henrik Ståhl has written a captivating sci-fi adventure for midd…

Swedish title: Till Vial

Category: Children

Pub date: 11-03-2019

Format: 135x215 mm, 176 pages