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Janesh Vaidya

Janesh Vaidya was born and raised in a traditional family in Kerala, South India. In his early years he was inspired by his grandmother’s spiritual and artistic views on life. He visits Europe often and is a regular columnist in a monthly magazine in Sweden. Every year he also travels to California and around the globe to give lectures and workshops. IN THE LAST RAIN is his debut novel. Janesh””>http://www.janeshvaidya.com/”>Janesh Vaidya

Books by Janesh Vaidya

Mind anatomy – ayurveda for your mind

Janesh Vaidya

Over the years, Janesh Vaidya has met and treated thousands of overstressed and dissatisfied people – everyone from ordinary workers to top politicians and spiritual leaders. The medicine for their wanting enjoyment of life and energy he calls “mind…

Swedish title: Ayurveda för ditt sinne

Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction

Pub date: 03-05-2011

Format: 336 pages