Kim W Andersson

Kim W Andersson

Kim W Andersson, born in 1979, is a Swedish illustrator and cartoonist.

Kim started drawing comic strips as a teenager, and 2003 he applied for the Comic Art School in Malmö. Together with Loka Kanarp he started Lucky Death Comics and published fanzines and had exhibitions. He got in contact with the Danish comic book artist Peter Snejbjerg and got him as a mentor, which still continues.

During his time at the Comic Art School Kim created the first “Love Hurts”-series, through them he founded his personal theme: romantic horror.

Kim is one of the creators behind the famous fantasy trilogy “Berättelser från Engelsfors”, and has also illustrated “Spindelbarnen” and “Rävbarnen”. Today he illustrates the series “The Scoop”.

Books by Kim W Andersson