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Linda Belanner

LINDA BELANNER´S and FREDRIK PERSSON´S paths first crossed at a writing school. The result is this debut novel Maybe you don’t know it, but Death really doesn’t play handball. Linda Belanner is a journalist on the Swedish national radio and Fredrik Persson is a working lawyer in Gothenburg.

Books by Linda Belanner

And Bingo is just for the lost

Linda Belanner

Another success for this duo, written with biting text and lots of humour to relieve tension, this is the follow-up to Maybe you don´t know it but Death really doesn´t play handball. A year has passed and Zahra and Mattias, in their last year of…

Swedish title: Och bingo är bara för de förlorade

Series: Mattias

Category: Children

Pub date: 15-04-2013

Maybe You don't know it, but Death really doesn't Play Handball

Fredrik Persson

Life does not always turn out as we expect. Above all not for Mattias who is 14 and in league with death. Linda Belanner and Fredrik Persson make their debut with a dark and captivating story which chips away at the edges of reality and does not hold…

Swedish title: Du kanske inte vet det, men Döden spelar faktiskt inte handboll

Category: Children

Pub date: 12-04-2012