Mathilde Coffy


Mathilde Coffy

Mathilde Coffy started her publishing career in the foreign rights department of Gallimard Jeunesse in Paris. She then moved to London to become Rights Manager at Andersen Press, an independent children’s book publisher. In 2015 she decided to move north and soon started working at Bonnier, taking care of the translation rights of children’s book.

She doubled majored in fine-arts and publishing as an undergraduate student and then went on to graduate school to study political science and intercultural communications. Her studies took her to the US for two years, in Utah and then Virginia. Her first ever job in the world of books was as a bookseller at a small Barnes and Noble college bookstore in rural Massachusetts, in the summer of 2001. Afterwards, she also worked in bookstores in France, Canada and Ireland.

Literary agenting really is the dream job for her, bringing together her love of books, arts, languages and different cultures.

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