Sven-Eric Liedman

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Sven-Eric Liedman

Sven-Eric Liedman (b. 1939) was educated in Lund and Gothenburg, and became a senior fellow in the department of History of Science and Ideas in Lund (1968-70) and in Gothenburg (1971-79). In 1979 he became a professor at the institution in Gothenburg until 2006. He was the winner of the August Prize for Non-Fiction in 1997 for I skuggan av framtiden.

Books by Sven-Eric Liedman

Karl Marx

Sven-Eric Liedman

The image of the German philosopher has fundamentally changed with new research and the large text-critical edition of writings, letters and notes.In KARL MARX, Sven-Eric Liedman conveys this new image, puts him in his historical context and clarifie…

Swedish title: Karl Marx

Category: General Non-Fiction

Pub date: 11-09-2015