Ella-Maria Nutti's and her debut novel COFFEE WITH MILK

Ella-Maria Nutti and her debut novel COFFEE WITH MILK

Our warmest congratulations to Ella-Maria Nutti on being awarded the Umeå Cultural Committee’s Scholarship for Cultural Practitioners 2022! The Committee recognizes two individuals each year for their contributions to the arts, with two awards to the value of 20,000 SEK each year.

The Committee’s statement on the award:
‘Ella-Maria Nutti is awarded the cultural committee’s scholarship for cultural practitioners in 2022 for her work as a novelist. In her debut novel, COFFEE WITH MILK, we see a young and promising authorship taking shape. Nutti’s book addresses the difficulties of family relationships. It is specific, but also universal, written with a sensitive hand/pen. Nutti’s continuing path as a writer will be an exciting journey to follow.’

COFFEE WITH MILK was published in February this year by Wahlström & Widstrand and foreign rights are represented by Bonnier Rights. Contact Johanna Lindborg for further information and material.

Patrik Svensson’s The Gospel of Eels, called the ‘book of the fair’ at the London Book Fair this spring, has now been sold to 32 territories.

The Gospel of the Eels is a remarkable exploration of the relationship between a father and son and their shared passion for eel fishing, woven together with an account of the cultural, mythological and scientific life of the world’s most mysterious and enigmatic fish. In a perfectly balanced and evocative narrative, written in alternating chapters, the reader learns both of the Svenssons’ complex father and son relationship through scenes of their eel catching adventures and of the development of humanity’s fascination with and knowledge of the fish itself, from Aristotle to Freud to the present.

See the full list of sales by going to Patrik Svensson’s author page, or search for The Gospel of Eels on our website.