For the first time in ten years, the Riverton Club awards its honorary award for international authors (“The Golden Revolver”) and it goes to Håkan Nesser!
The Riverton Club is a society for crime literature that was founded in 1972 to promote Norwegian crime. Previous winners of the national award include Jo Nesbø, Jørn Lier Horst and Karin Fossum.
The international prize has only been awarded 6 times before to Tage la Cour, Ruth Rendell, P.D. James, Ed McBain, Maj Sjöwall, and Henning Mankell.

The jury’s motivation reads:

Nesser’s books are original and charming, with a sophisticated humour, something that makes him a non-traditional crime author. How he depicts human tragedies while keeping up the warmth of the dialogues, attests great storytelling.
Håkan Nesser challenges and expands the framework of crime. His plots are surprising, impossible to predict and well-written. Simultaneously, he hits the reader on an emotional level. Creating a believable and put together character gallery, means that the reader engage strongly in the lives of the characters.
Love, revenge, growing old, sickness and death, belief and philosophy are all depicted with subtlety and wit. Crime can be a golden tool to write about the human existence, and Nesser often plays on failing love and infidelity as devilish driving forces. When a person is under pressure and want to hide the truth, they can step over dead bodies to save themselves or the people closest to them.
Congratulations Håkan!