300 Degrees

Swedish title: 300 grader

Series: Lilly Hed series

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 26-08-2020

300 Degrees

Pernilla Ericson

Who can you trust to help you put out the fire, when you don’t know who is fanning the flames?

It is summer 2023 and the world is on fire. A brutal heatwave plagues half the world’s countries with drought and firestorms in its wake. In Australia, whole suburbs have been wiped out and in northern Europe, towns and wooded areas from north to south are ablaze.

Police Investigator Lilly Hed has recently left a promising, but chaotic, fast-track management career with the Stockholm police to seek a quieter existence in the archipelago town of Nynäshamn. She hopes that the idyllic coastal town will bring her respite from the secrets and darkness that made her change her life, but she soon learns that she can escape neither her history nor the climate crisis.

Soon after her move, a major forest fire is reported, posing a massive threat to Lily’s new home, pushing the fire department, with the handsome and kind Jesper Hansson at the helm, to its limits. What first appears to be coincidental fires with natural causes soon turn out to be something much worse, and Lilly is put in charge of the investigation. In a desperate race against time and a raging firestorm, someone turns out not to be who they say they are, but what do you do when all traces of evidence are literally going up in smoke?

300 DEGREES is a page-turning and atmospheric thriller where the climate and changing environment are as much part of the story as the characters and plot, reminiscent of Jane Harper’s The Dry, where oppressive heat, people showing their true colours under pressure, and dark secrets of the past are at the forefront. It is the first book in a climate-themed crime series by Pernilla Ericson.

‘Pernilla Ericson depicts the fires and the firemen’s frightening work with conviction and delivers a dramatic resolution with a huge surprise at the end.’
— Norra Skåne

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German: S Fischer
Norwegian: Aschehoug

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