A week with the Jansson family

Swedish title: En helt vanlig vecka med familjen Jansson

Category: Children

Pub date: 04-06-2018

Format: 148x210mm, 128 pages, color

A week with the Jansson family

Martin Widmark, Petter Lidbeck , illustrated by Pelle Forshed

Which adult hasn’t wanted to be a child again, with no responsibilities and no obligations? And which child hasn’t wanted to be older so that they can do all the things that adults are allowed to do? What would it be like if these dreams could come true? Well the Jansson family has the answer to that in this book when they spend a week ”living the dream” – or perhaps caught up in their own nightmare!

Their days are filled with stubborn adults that don’t want to go to work or to the dentist, ties left all over the hall, unsuitable comments on the bus and progress meetings at work. The kids have a tough job keeping an eye on their parents, but luckily their new neighbours are in the same situation. So while the parents are up to mischief, the kids take the opportunity to have grown-up conversations around the barbecue.

This twisted and humorous family portrayal takes an amusing approach to family roles and expectations, making it fun for all ages. It is a warm tale with crazy and drastic elements that the whole family will be able to relate to and laugh at together.

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