Alicia’s Choice

Swedish title: Alicias val

Category: Fiction

Pub date: 23-09-2019

Alicia’s Choice

Linnea Malmgren, Frida Malmgren

Romance set in the corridors of power, written by two multi-talented, successful sisters

Entertainment journalist Alicia Johansson gets the chance of a lifetime when newspaper Aftonpressen dispatches her to the major political summit of the winter season, the Defense Leadership Forum. She hopes that this will be the stepping stone that she’s so longed for; a new career as a serious reporter, away from celebrity gossip.

On her way up north to the forum, Alicia is the first responder to a car accident. Flagging her down by the side of the wintry road is the rising star of politics — as well as renowned playboy — Max Horn. His car is a wreck after a collision with an unfortunate moose, coming seemingly out of nowhere in the snow storm. Alicia offers Max a lift to the nearest town, their mutual attraction is clear for all to see.

Alicia is resisting the pull she feels toward Max, she knows too much about his history with women, plus, she as a journalist and he as a politician are on opposite sides. When Alicia begins to dig deeper into a story concerning Max’s boss, Minister of Health Hans Tessin, it becomes clear that their professional roles are threatening to get in the way of them every having even a chance at a future together. And yet, Alicia cannot stop thinking about Max.

The time comes when she’s faced with one of the toughest choices of her life: the chance of love, or her long-awaited career as an investigative reporter, when she has the opportunity of writing an exposé of a scandal in the highest echelons of power, involving Max’s boss and his team.

Eleonoora Kirk