Almost Good at Life

Swedish title: Nästan bra på livet

Category: Fiction / General Fiction

Pub date: 05-01-2021

Almost Good at Life

Conny Palmkvist

A deeply-human and affecting narrative about a love greater than any words.

ALMOST GOOD AT LIFE is a moving story about a father’s love for his daughter who is unlike everyone else. When much-longed-for baby Lova is born, her arrival is joyful but marred by complications. Even though her father doubts his ability to be a good parent, he loves her beyond words.

But soon, anxiety wells up within him: why is it so hard to connect with Lova? Is she really developing like other children? And how does one connect with a child that lives in a world of her own? As everyday life becomes more difficult to deal with, father and daughter begin to drift apart.

ALMOST GOOD AT LIFE is auto-fiction about faltering as a human being, and about bouncing back, proving it’s never too late to find one’s way home and to rebuild the most important of relationships. A brave and moving story akin to Marti Leimbach’s Daniel Isn’t Talking and Love, Anthony by Lisa Genova.

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