Amanda’s Book

Swedish title: Amandas bok

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 31-03-2011

Format: 240 pages, 118x168 mm

Amanda’s BookThe Virgin Club

Katerina Janouch

The first part of a new series by Katerina Janouch, about the sexual initiation of three girlfriends. In the first book we meet Amanda, who is fifteen years old and a virgin.

“My so-called sexuality can be summed up in the fact that there actually isn’t any” remarks Amanda. This is something which really stresses her out: according to the law she is allowed to have sex – if she wants to … and she does. But who with? That first experience is a story in itself. The adults don’t tell her anything and even if they try it’s all wrong. She daren’t even talk to her best friend Elin about every detail. And what sex actually FEELS LIKE. About randiness and clitoris and other things which are not so easy to actually say.
She googles madly, reads the sex columns in the girls’ magazines, rushes off to the library in a panic. And finally she finds what she is looking for in the books. Three outspoken women who write about sex. Admittedly mainly from the seventies, but the business of willies and fannies surely can’t have changed since then? “I need to learn more about it. Read about real women, who have found the key to the secret of sex. If they really have. I’ll probably go on being a virgin till I die.”
Or? That Axel, the one who was her best friend at nursery and then disappeared – he’s suddenly back again and is joining her class. He’s changed. He’s become tough and cocky and she doesn’t like him a bit. But then comes the disaster – her mother invites Axel and his mum to dinner! Axel, the last person Amanda would dream of kissing!
But things don’t always turn out as you expect.

“Amanda’s Book” is the first part of a series about the three friends Amanda, Elin and Saga. It’s about love and first time sex. About desire and pleasure. About what it can be like to lose your virginity and at the same time discover yourself.

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