Angels of the Abyss

Swedish title: Avgrundens änglar

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 02-09-2013

Format: 288

Angels of the Abyss

Magnus Nordin


Be prepared for darkness and violence in Magnus Nordin´s new novel. Young girls looking for answers and even love are easy prey for men who assault and men who rape. This is happening here and now!

A table in the shopping mall is a reminder… 14 -year old Julia was last seen sitting there in the café in the shopping mall in town. This the start of a dark, brutal story which is part of today´s society.

Criminal Inspector Louisa Hjelm´s job is to solve these cases of missing girls. Because it isn’t only Julia that has gone missing in town. The unsolved case of Ada Mårtensson casts a shadow over the town and the police lack clues as to what happened to her on the day she disappeared.

Not only the police, but others are more than a little concerned about the assaults and disappearances. Highschool teacher Molly Zetterholm takes matters into her own hands and forms a group of a few young people calling themselves the Angels. They act on their own, outside the law, creating their own justice.  One of the angels, Alice, is on the run and she finds sanctuary in Molly´s group. Violence for justice seems to be the Angels’ motto…  A mind-blowing and gripping new young adult thriller from the Swedish bestselling author, Magnus Nordin.

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