Baristas: The First Book

Swedish title: Baristas: Första boken

Series: Baristas

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 20-05-2010

Format: 220 pages, 134x213 mm, b/w illustraions

Baristas: The First Book

Denise Rudberg

Three guys and a coffee bar. Welcome to the coffee bar which becomes Ludvig’s, Nicolas’ and Ruben’s second home during an intensive autumn.

Ludvig is in his first year at the Victor Rydberg sixth-form college in Stockholm. He doesn’t know anyone from before which is nice in a way, but at the same time it is exhausting to try to find new friends. And at home things are not so good. Ludvig and his sisters do their best to avoid seeing each other, just like their parents seem to do. One day, he gets a tip that a coffee bar in the centre of the city is looking for extra staff…

Nicolas is about to start his second year at the Östra Real sixth-form college. Last year he was an exchange student in the US, and returning to Stockholm was really difficult. He lives on his own with his mum because his dad vanished from their life ages ago. One evening, on his way home from his girlfriend, he passes a coffee bar in the centre. He sees a sign that they are looking for extra staff…

Ludvig is in his second year of the drama programme at Södra Latin sixth-form college, and he doesn’t like it. From his very structured childhood in the posh suburb of Djursholm he longed for a more open and creative environment. But his fancy new theatrical style didn’t turn out like he’d dreamed. A girl he was friends with took him along to a coffee bar, and although he had never drunk coffee before he became interested when he heard they were looking for staff…

Three young guys from different backgrounds become the best of friends during an autumn which is hectic as well as instructive. Despite the fact that their paths might otherwise never have crossed, they become a vital part of each other’s development.

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