Baristas: the Second Book

Swedish title: Baristas: Andra boken

Category: Children / Fiction 12-15

Pub date: 17-05-2011

Format: 208 pages, b/w illustraions, 134x213 mm

Baristas: the Second Book

Denise Rudberg

This is the second book in the series about the three young guys that despite their different backgrounds become the best of friends as baristas in the same coffee bar in central Stockholm. Despite the fact that their paths might otherwise never have crossed, they become a vital part of each other’s development.

One long weekend in the mountains soon turns into an absolute nightmare.

It is bitterly cold in December in Stockholm. Inside the Pronto coffee shop there is warmth. Their friendship means everything to the guys who work there in their spare time. Nicholas’, Ruben’s and Ludvig’s friendship is strong but this winter it is put to some hard tests. One evening in the coffee bar, in early December, Ruben has a brilliant idea: the whole gang can go up to his parents’ cottage in the mountains. Travel straight there on the morning train! But what starts out as a real dream ticket – friends, food, wine and skiing, with no adults around – soon turns into an absolute nightmare. Is their friendship strong enough when fair weather turns to storm?

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