Before and after Clea

Swedish title: Före och efter Klea

Category: Children / Fiction 9-12

Pub date: 02-05-2017

Format: 135x185 mm, 288 pages

Before and after Clea

Jesper Danielsson

Summer holidays. Everything is perfect. Perfect, that is until Clea shows up from the future and tells a story that is as improbable as frightening. Jesper Danielsson has written an evocative thriller and adventure that immediately captivates. Summer reading at its very best!


It’s the first week of the summer holidays. Jonte, Axel and Jimmy have managed to convince their parents that they do not need to go to the leisure club and can fend for themselves. The meals are all planned, there are rules to follow, what could possibly go wrong?


On day one, they notice some smoke coming from the neighbor’s chimney. Nothing strange, if it wasn’t that the house has been empty for as long as they can remember.

No one lives there, so who can possibly have lit up a fire?

Axel decides at once to jump over the hedge to investigate. Jonte and Jimi have no choice but to follow. They find a jungle on the other side. With all senses on high alert, they step through the overgrown grass, all the way to the house,

Jonte notices notices someone going in front of the window upstairs.

It will turn out it is Clea, a very ordinary girl… from the future.


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