Black drama

Swedish title: Svart drama

Category: Children / Young Adult

Pub date: 10-08-2006

Black drama

Magnus Nordin

Together with her pregnant mother and her mother’s new boyfriend, Tess (aged 17) moves to the sleepy idyll of Fjärlunda. At her new school she hears about the ghost of a teacher who is said to haunt the place. Twenty-five years ago, he died in an explosion in the chemistry lab in mysterious circumstances …

On the anniversary of the tragedy, Jackie is injured in the same lab when a glass beaker full of sulphuric acid explodes. The second before the explosion, Tess catches a glimpse of a man dressed in black who appears in the lab. But is he really the dead teacher? Or an impostor? And why does Tess seem to be the only one who can see him?

When Tess starts to look for the truth about the dead teacher, she becomes more and more convinced that he was murdered …

Black Drama is a thriller about jealousy that proves fatal and a deceptive role-play set during the dark weeks of October in a small town.

Magnus Nordin’s works include The Princess and the Murderer, nominated for the August Prize, and also the highly acclaimed and very popular The House at the End of the Road and The Persecutor – thrillers that really grip the reader.

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