Blood Shame

Swedish title: Blodskam

Category: Fiction / Crime & Suspense

Pub date: 24-05-2021

Blood Shame

Caroline Engvall

The first part in a new suspense series about sisterhood and dark secrets that takes us from divine white beaches in Thailand to the dark hinterland of northern Sweden. Elizabeth goes to Thailand on holiday vacation with her mother, her sister Sofia and her sister’s family. On New Year’s Eve, Sofia disappears, a few hours later she is found dead in the water, presumed drowned. What was supposed to be a wonderful family holiday ends with a devastating disaster.

While processing her grief after Sofia’s death, Elizabeth can’t help but to question the circumstances of the accident. What really happened on the paradise island? And why does everyone around her seem to be hiding something? The event takes Elizabeth back to her family’s past, to childhood memories and to the Snake Water, where it all once began.

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